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Beyond the Global Culture War



·        On the author’s worldview (from pages 15–16 and page 179)

·        On liberal modernity as history’s odd exception (from page 37)

·        On global economic justice (from pages 215–16)

·        On consumer culture and the media (from pages 108–09)

·        On the rise of the meritocracy (from pages 76–78 and pages 99–100)

·        On East Asia and the Islamic world (from page 124)

·        On the West and the Rest (from pages 141–42)

·        On anti-Western nationalism (from pages 166–68)

·        On the selective nostalgia of many traditionalists (from page 157)

·        On liberalism and social responsibility (from page 102)

·        On liberalism and power (from page 88)

·        On corruption (from page 140)

·        On human nature (from page 187)

·        On a missed opportunity of the early twentieth century (from pages 58–59)

·        On a new civilization (from page 189 and pages 195–96)